1. INFORM: To make as many people as possible aware of the planned development; to keep you informed of progress and the Council’s next consultation period.
  2. OBJECT: To hold SODC to account for not following Government guidance which makes it quite clear that Green Belt should be protected. Click here for information on Green Belt and Government policy documents.
  1. QUESTION: To ask SODC to prove the vital need for this specific development and that it could not be carried out elsewhere; to challenge any ‘exceptional circumstances’.
  1. ASK FOR PROOF: To ask SODC to prove they have ‘examined fully all other reasonable options’, including brownfield sites and sites out of Green Belt.
  1. ASK FOR FIGURES: To ask SODC to show satisfactory figures for co-location (employees working in the same place they work). We believe it will be a dormitory town, not only for Oxford but for Reading and/or London, the possibility of improved rail services making it attractive to commuters.
  1. DEFEND CULHAM’S GREEN BELT: To argue that, contrary to SODC’s view, the Green Belt land at Culham is more than satisfying the purposes of Green Belt including checking unrestricted sprawl and assisting in safeguarding the countryside from encroachmentpreventing the merger of neighbouring towns as well as protecting the unique character of villages by saving them from absorption into cities. It also provides a ‘green lung’ by safeguarding air quality and offers myriad opportunities for outdoor recreation, including dog-walking, hiking along the Green Belt Way, jogging, horse-riding, fishing and even motor-cross. Click here for full list of stated purposes of Green Belt.

We believe the burden of proof for providing researched justification for this urbanisation of a blissful area of countryside lies with SODC.