What Are The Alternatives For New Housing?

  • CPRE research shows there are enough derelict (brownfield) sites available and suitable for building at least a million new homes.  There are brownfield sites within SODC and the Vale district councils
  • CPRE research shows that England’s major house builders are sitting on huge areas of land with planning permission which could provide over 280,000 new homes.
  • CPRE research shows that long-term empty houses could provide homes for an additional 300,000 families.
  • there is a large greenfield site within SODC boundaries OUTSIDE Green Belt which could offer more than enough homes to avoid destroying Culham’s Green Belt.
  • Didcot’s development as a Garden Town can provide a much more sustainable community.
  • there is a step-change idea to encourage ‘custom splitting’ due to massive under-occupation of many houses.  It has been seen that if one marries up those who desire to downsize with those who want a new build or affordable home, existing homes could be sub-divided and given a green re-fit to provide two homes on one plot.  The Intergenerational Foundation believe that 4.4mllion houses could easily be subdivided (Unlocking England’s Hidden Homes). See here for more info.