The Local Plan 2035 against which we have fought since 2017 was adopted on 10 December 2020.  Some of the information and links are now out of date.  Please see the update page for the most up to date information.

What Are The Alternatives For New Housing?

  • CPRE research shows there are enough derelict (brownfield) sites available and suitable for building at least a million new homes.  There are brownfield sites within SODC and the Vale district councils
  • CPRE research shows that England’s major house builders are sitting on huge areas of land with planning permission which could provide over 280,000 new homes.
  • CPRE research shows that long-term empty houses could provide homes for an additional 300,000 families.
  • there is a large greenfield site within SODC boundaries OUTSIDE Green Belt which could offer more than enough homes to avoid destroying Culham’s Green Belt.
  • Didcot’s development as a Garden Town can provide a much more sustainable community.
  • there is a step-change idea to encourage ‘custom splitting’ due to massive under-occupation of many houses.  It has been seen that if one marries up those who desire to downsize with those who want a new build or affordable home, existing homes could be sub-divided and given a green re-fit to provide two homes on one plot.  The Intergenerational Foundation believe that 4.4mllion houses could easily be subdivided (Unlocking England’s Hidden Homes). See here for more info.