SODC have recently published a new version of the Local Development Scheme

This provides a timetable for the next phase of the Local Plan:

There will now be a NEW ROUND of Public Consultation on a revised Local Plan in January 2019 prior to its submission to the Secretary of State in March 2019.

SCGB understands that the result of the re-assessment currently being undertaken by Officers will be released in December 2018 at which point there will be meetings of the SODC Scrutiny committee and Cabinet  before a vote is taken by Full Council.

The Examination by an independent Inspector should be between March and September 2019

SODC hopes to adopt the plan in November 2019.

Under this timetable SODC will have to meet the tests of the revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and its strengthening of Green Belt protection.  See ‘Green Belt and Government Policy’ for further details