Speakers from Save Culham Green Belt committee have given impassioned, strictly-timed, 3-minute speeches at SODC’s Scrutiny, Cabinet and Full Council meetings during September. Michael Tyce from the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) has also made excellent speeches at all three. Culham Parish Council have also fielded speakers for Scrutiny and Full Council.
We had a good crowd of Culham protestors chanting Save Culham Green Belt as councillors entered to vote at the Full Council meeting held in Crowmarsh Gifford.

Mr Tyce from CPRE has commented: ‘Culham protest group … are a model protest group being forceful but polite and well organised and prepared’.

Despite this, and lobbying of all 36 councillors by email as well, John Cotton managed to get his Local Plan voted through for publication… We continue the fight. We still have hope.



The next step will be a NEW round of Public Consultation between 9am Weds 11 October and DEADLINE 5pm Wed 22 November 2017. During this time there will be a drop-in event held by SODC in Culham: 19 October: 4pm-8pm Culham Primary School.

Save Culham Green Belt and/or the Parish Council will also aim to hold another public meeting to help people with the complexities involved in this round of consultation where we are asked to comment on the legality, soundness and justification of the Local Plan. We will advise the date of this meeting.

Following that there will be a Public Enquiry (early next year) in front of an independent Inspector and we will be providing him with a number of reports from environmental, legal and planning perspectives. Hopefully he will see reason and have the Culham site removed from the Plan.

Meanwhile offers of any help are welcome as well as any publicity stunt ideas. You can get in contact using the form here.