Update: The deadline for responses to this new and final consultation has been extended to 5pm 30th November.  Come to our meeting on 6th November (full details to be announced) to find out how to respond.

SODC have now published the final draft of their Local Plan.
(See links on SODC Local Plan and Culham page of this website)

Consultation is open until 5pm on 22nd 30th November 2017.

It is VITAL that everyone responds.

We are still fighting and an Inspector will make the final decision.

Council-led Drop-in session:

Thursday 19th October 4-8 pm
Culham Primary School
Call in to ask the Council difficult questions, inspect maps and plans.

Save Culham Green Belt Public Meeting

Monday 6 November, 7pm
Church of St Pauls, Culham
Save Culham Green Belt (SCGB) will also hold a public meeting to help villagers respond to this new Consulation. You may like to wait until this meeting before making your objections to the Council. 

Regulations state that the local planning authority should submit a plan it considers “sound”, namely that  it is:

~ Positively prepared seeking to meet objectively assessed need

~ Justified, i.e the most appropriate strategy when considered against the reasonable alternatives

~ Effective, i.e deliverable over  its period (which is to 2033)

~ Consistent with National Policy

We will be arguing that it is UNSOUND and is none of the above.