The applicants have submitted new documents and in particular propose a new entrance off the A415.

A reminder that the application covers 94.5 hectares of rapidly disappearing Green Belt in Culham, immediately adjacent to the proposed SODC housing development.

The area is shown on the map below, coloured pink:

Click here for close up map:

This is a big commercial venture; the applicants are aiming for 162,000 visitors a year and are allowing for parking for 827 cars and an additional large overflow carpark.

There would be extensive built form including: Play Barn, Indoor Play and Science Area, Theatre,  Operational Storage Containers and Portacabin office, Animal Shelter, Shop, Party Rooms, Play Barn Café,  Toilet Block for Play Barn, Restaurant with patio and seats (with extension to follow),  Toilet Block for Restaurant, River hide, Glamping support facilities (eg showers etc), Car Park, overflow Car Park, Service Roads (and a lot of tracks wide and smooth enough for wheelchair access everywhere) AND ‘SITE MANAGER ACCOMMODATION’ which is a 2 bedroom house with kitchen, bathroom and lounge! 

We should all be alarmed that Year 4 plans for the Centre including Conference facilities and weddings….

The major change is a NEW entrance and junction from the A415, near the top of Tollgate Road, instead of the previously proposed Thame Lane entrance, and a 400m access road over these green fields. 

Traffic volumes and visitor numbers remain as previously.

Our previous responses WILL be taken into consideration but it is important that as many people respond as possible.


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or email:, quoting REF: P17/S4416/FUL

Please take a moment to consider the noise and traffic all this will create in Culham. Help protect our Green Belt.