Have You Seen Our Film Yet?

The campaign is very grateful to Tasha Isaacson and Peter Kirby for making an excellent promotional film on Culham and the campaign.  Camera equipment and editing assistance were provided by the Oxfordshire branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE Oxon).  CPRE are promoting the film, along with one by the village of Bampton (and two more to follow) on their website, and on Facebook and Twitter and have sent out a press release.

We have also sent the film (via YouTube link) to all 35 district councillors, to the planning policy officers, to the MPs John Howell and Layla Moran, to the Department of Housing, Communities and Local Government to keep lobbying and make everyone aware of the need to protect Green Belt.

Please share it as far and wide as you can.


  1. Neil tull

    This proposed development would be an utter disaster without significant transport infrastructure investment. As mentioned in your film, traffic in and around Abingdon is already heavy and the roads leading in and out are often gridlocked. I totally oppose this developpment and will assist with your campaign to stop it.

  2. Malcolm Wright (Chairman Emeritus Aylesford Parish CouncilPlanning)

    This scheme is sheer planning madness. It is just the reason that the Green Belt was established to prevent. There are more than enough former brownfield sites around the area to re-develop properly to meet the growing needs for housing. The effect on the environment for these English rural settlements with all the additional traffic movements would be a disaster. Can we please see sense and try to get this scheme overturned.

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